Giordano Farms Sun Dried Apricots
     Giordano Farms is a family owned and operated farm that has been in business for over 40 years.  David & Elizabeth Giordano were married in 1970, and opened their small cherry stand in front of the family orchard on Berryessa Road in 1971.  In the first 7 years, the small cherry stand grew into a large fruit & vegetable stand. That was the beginning of what Giordano Farms has grown to be today.  
     In 1995 we relocated to the Cottle Ranch on Snell Avenue. 
We grew 12 varieties of cherries, super sweet corn, vine ripe tomatoes, melons, plums, peaches, blenheim and moorpark apricots, and much more!  
    Giordano Farms is a seasonal fruit stand. We opened each year in the month of May with our cherries & strawberries.
We carried the freshest strawberries, and they are picked fresh daily! Locally grown, and taste delightful. Also as an added treat, we carry Homemade Strawberry Jam.  The cherries are crisp & sweet, and picked daily by hand.  A few of the most popular varieties are the Bing, Brook, and Rainier. Each variety has a distinct flavor that reflect a little bit of the Santa Clara Valley's history.  The fruitstand then stayed open everyday throughout the rest of the fruit & vegetable season, which is through the month of October.  
  We are especially known for our Fall Harvest Pumpkin Patch, which began the first of October. The Loose Caboose, and Bunny Petting Corral are a huge hit every year.   We would end the season selling the freshest Cristmas trees available in San Jose. We sell Firewood all year round. Last but not least, we also grew and sold Premium Red Oat Hay. 
  Currently as of January 2015 we had to leave the Martial Cottle Ranch in San Jose, and are currently looking for a new location.  Meanwhile, we will keep all our customers connected with us here through our website.

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